Finish Codes
C Chrome
C chrome
GG Gold
GG gold
B Black Chrome
B black chrome
CK Cosmo Black
CK cosmo black
XN X-Nickel
XN X-finish nickel
XC X-Chrome
XC X-finish chrome
XG X-Gold
XG X-finish gold

Options in blue are glossy and reflective. Options in grey are Gotoh's unique x-finish, which increases durability and decreases reflectivity for a satin or antique look.

NOTE: Black chrome is black and cosmo black is dark grey. Both are shiny, not matte.

We try to capture the colors of these items as accurately as possible. Please understand that differences in cameras, lighting, and monitors makes it impossible to be 100% accurate.

Gotoh Tremolo Bridges - EV510

Gotoh EV510T-BS

EV = Evolution and this is the pinnacle of Gotoh's tremolo design. It features an injection-molded special alloy plate, the choice of a 510T block with FST functionality or a 510TS steel block, and either brass or steel saddles. Please note that there is no 6-point pivot option for this model. Also, the dimensions are a bit different from the other 510T models and as a result there will probably be different guitar body routing required.

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Product Price USD
Gotoh EV510T-FE-CK
Cosmo Black Modern 510 2-point Tremolo Bridge w/Solid Steel Saddles 510T Block
Cosmo black tremolo bridge with solid steel saddles and a 510T block. String spacing: 10.8mm. Pivot: 2-point locking stud + anchor. Block: 510T with FST. Saddles: Solid steel.
Package includes arm + spring + spring claw with screws + hex wrench + locking stud + anchor.
Model: EV510T
Finish: Cosmo Black
Saddle: Solid Steel
Pivot: 2-point
2+ $93.78
4+ $89.87
6+ $85.97
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