Gotoh Fixed Bridges - GE103B / GE103B-T / GE104B

Three Tune-o-matic style bridges with subtle but important differences. The GE103B models are deeper (14mm) for a longer saddle travel and more extensive intonation adjustability. The GE104B model has a more vintage 11mm depth. The suffix "-T" adds modern style posts with anchors.

Saddle radius for GE103B models is 300mm (~12") and for GE104B 400mm (~16").

  • GE103B
    14mm + vintage posts
    Example: Chrome
  • GE103B-T
    14mm + modern posts
    Example: Nickel
  • GE104B
    11mm + vintage posts
    Example: Gold
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Gotoh GE103B-CK
Cosmo Black TOM-style Bridge with Standard Posts
Cosmo black tune-o-matic bridge (Nashville) with standard M4 posts and 16mm thumbscrews.
Model: GE103B
Finish: Cosmo Black
Saddle: Hard zinc
2+ $20.87
4+ $20.00
6+ $19.13
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