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North Vancouver, BC
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We can supply anything listed in the these catalogs, as well as some that aren't. Feel free to ask any question about products or their prices.

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About Us

We're a small company in Vancouver Canada that has close ties to Japan. In particular, a relationship with several manufacturers of quality parts and tools for stringed instruments.


We are very proud to be an official agent for Gotoh. That not only means we can easily get anything from their catalog, it also means that we can get answers for any questions* you might have about their products. Also, we can usually get replacement components or odd numbers of parts. (eg, for 7-stringed guitars or other non-standard headstock configurations like L4+R2)

* Answers may include words like "no" or phrases like "we can't tell you that". They're not common, but I thought I should include a warning.

DoMo Parts and Materials

Ever since the president of a bicycle decal plate manufacturing company visited the Yairi Guitars workshop to mention their debut making guitar parts, there has been a relationship between Yusuke's family and the family that owns and operates DoMo Parts and Materials. (Founder Giichi Yairi is Yusuke's grandfather.) We're very pleased and honoured to be a part of their continued and well-deserved success.

Hiroshima Files - Uo-Chikyu Brand

In a nation that prides itself on exceptionally well-made woodworkers' tools, Hiroshima Files is a company that ranks among the top manufacturers. Their Uo-Chikyu brand nut and fret files can be found in all the best luthiers' workshops around the world. Our goal is to help them expand by helping our customers get any and all of their incredible products.


It all started when Yusuke Kawakami, a third-generation luthier from Japan, moved to Vancouver. Even though he had moved his base of operations to Canada, he continued to buy tools and parts from his favourite sources back home. When the president of Daiwa Mark (makers of DoMo Parts and Materials) came to Vancouver on holiday, he met with Yusuke and suggested that Yusuke start to import more than he needed and sell the extra parts to Vancouver's thriving luthier community.

A few years later, Yusuke's relations with customers and suppliers had continued to grow and he was given the opportunity to have his company become an official agent for GOTOH - the only one in North America. This grew the business enough to bring in someone to help with customer relations: Josh Gemmell. Now the company is split between the Japanese communications and the English communications.

We feel that Japan has a lot to offer luthiers, manufacturers, repair specialists, and musicians all over the world. The largest impediment to making both sides happy has probably been communication. We're here to help. Please don't hesitate to ask us any questions about the products that our supplying manufacturers make.

Featured Items
These are just a few of our most popular items. We have many more! Check out the catalogs or ask us for a copy of our price lists.
Faux Lapis Lazuli
Artificial inlay material Faux Lapis Lazuli 75mm x 70mm x 1.5mm
Closed back machine head in gold with mint green keystone buttons
SGV510Z-L5-AG 1:21 aged gold with L5 buttons
MOP White Slab (large)
MOP slab white (large piece)
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