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Japanese Tools

Japanese tools have long been admired and desired for their quality and durability. Unfortunately, they can be hard to find outside of Japan and even then it can be hard to find ones suited for a luthier's use. We aim to change that. Yusuke is a third-generation Japanese luthier and his family and friends have a very long history of using high-quality Japanese tools to make instruments.

We're building relationships with manufacturers. Our plan is to get you the very best of Japan for building the guitars, basses, and ukuleles you're passionate about.

Iwasaki Yasuri

Iwasaki MKCP200B5 - extra-fine, very sharp

The Iwasaki File Co. in Gunma Prefecture is making quite a splash in the woodworking world with its amazing "chemical polishing" technology. Known in the west as razor files, these tools have specially formed teeth and grooves that result in removal of wood that is faster than rasps and smoother than files. No pressure needed! To top it off, the design keeps the file clean of removed material automatically.

15 styles are available (11 chemically-polished) with a number of options like curvature, length, and cut.

Files with handles
Iwasaki file shape - with handle

SKU Description CP Price
MK150A3B flat medium 16 x 200mm $17.50
MK150B3B half-round medium 16 x 200mm $17.50
MKCP008A5B flat x-fine 10 x 200mm $23.44
MKCP008B5B half-round x-fine 10 x 200mm $23.44
Iwasaki file shape - with handle and curved

MKCP008B4R half-round fine curved $27.95
Files without handles
Iwasaki file shape - without handle
SKU Description CP Price
MK200A3 flat medium 20 x 200mm $23.44
MK200B3 half-round medium 21 x 200mm $23.44
MKCP150A4 flat fine 16 x 150mm $23.12
MKCP150B4 half-round fine 16 x 150mm $23.12
MKCP200A4 flat fine 20 x 200mm $27.94
MKCP200B4 half-round fine 20 x 200mm $27.94
MKCP150A5 flat x-fine 16 x 150mm $24.89
MKCP150B5 half-round x-fine 16 x 150mm $24.89
MKCP200A5 flat x-fine 20 x 200mm $30.97
MKCP200B5 half-round x-fine 20 x 200mm $30.99
Decoding the product code:

MK a part of every code
CP chemically polished
### length of file in mm (exception "008" for the 3 narrow files)
A/B A = flat; B = half-round
3/4/5 3 = medium; 4 = fine; 5 = x-fine
B/R has a handle


Nitto brand files are made in Niigata Prefecture by Ishikoma Co. Ltd., the oldest manufacturer of files in Japan (est. 1899). The region itself is known for its history of exceptional swordmaking, along with other blacksmithing products. It's also known for sake, but we don't import that.

First-Cut File

This feather-edge saw file is sharp, precise and easy to control - making it the perfect tool for that important first cut to start the slots in an instrument's nut.

Slotting files are great for finishing a slot but not for starting a cut. Saws are awkward and can easily cause damage. Knives cut too narrow. These files are the perfect tool for the job and are in high demand from some of the major guitar manufacturers.


Please inquire about availability.
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