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NOTE: We do not have a store-front and cannot provide pickup orders.


We know what it's like to be the customer. We were buying these products before we started selling them. That's why our general policy is to treat our customers like we want to be treated. Some of the more obvious things are selling products that we like; supplying as much good information as we possibly can; not doing anything with your information apart from using it to ship your order to you; and product return or replacement policies that are fair.

More details can be found below.


Please make sure that the product(s) you receive are to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

Flawed or Damaged Goods

Goods that have been damaged in transit or have some inherent flaw can be returned for a full refund within two weeks of receipt.

Changed Your Mind?

We accept returns of unused products within two weeks of receipt. For example, you can return a tool that has never been used and you can return a tuner or bridge that has never been put on an instrument.

In these cases, we refund the value of the product once we receive the returned product and inspect it. We reserve the right to refund only a partial value if we deem the product or its package to be not fit for resale.

Our Mistake

Our intention is to give a full refund in case we make a mistake in your order. There are many ways to make mistakes, so we won't try to list all possible situations here. The general principle, though, is to make sure you get what you paid for. Please contact us within two weeks of receipt to work out the details.


Most websites have a very long privacy policy, using words that only lawyers fully understand. Ours is simple: We have no intention or interest in sharing any of your data with anyone else.

Phone Number

You may have noticed that we often ask for a phone number. This is because we ship a lot of orders from Japan and Japan Post is very particular. That phone number is for your local postal service to call you in case they need to re-schedule a delivery. It's a long, expensive way back to Japan. Best to make sure your shipment finds you.

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