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North Vancouver, BC
NOTE: We do not have a store-front and cannot provide pickup orders.

Gotoh Products

Gotoh is one of the premier guitar parts manufacturers in the world, combining artistry with technology to create the finest tuners, bridges, tremolos, and more. We are very proud to be their sole official North American agent. That means we can deal with Gotoh directly*. Not only can we get great prices on Gotoh products, we can get you anything in their catalog. We can also try to help you get answers to your questions.

Our online price list only has product sets but we are usually able to get these products in any quantity and in some cases we are able to get replacement component parts for you**. So for example if you want to get a single tuner or a set of eight or nine tuners, that's no problem. Please feel free to inquire.

Guitar Tuners

Including: SG510, SG Standard, SD510, SDS510, SD90, SD91, SX510, SE700, 35G510, 35G Standard, Stealth

Bass Tuners

Including: GB350, GB707, GB640, GB528, GB10, GB2, GB11W, FB30, CBT-01

Other Tuners

This section is still being built but you can check out our pages for SPBJ planetary banjo, UPT planetary ukulele, classical 510, and Stealth tuners right now.

Fixed Guitar Bridges

Including: 510UB, 510FB, 510FA, GTC101, GTC102, GTC201, GTC202, GTC301, GTC302, GTC-Art, GE103B, GE104B, Ti103B, Ti104B, GE101Z, GE101A, In-Tune, WT3

Tremolo Bridges

Including: EV510T, NS510T, 510T, GE1996T, GE101T, GE102T, VS100N, VG300, VSVG

Bass Bridges

Including: 303BO, 404BO/SJ, J510BO/SJ, S510B, 201B-3, 204B-4, 205B-5, Ti203B-4, CBB-4, and VTB-4


Including: tremolo arms, saddle sets, strap pins, string ferrules, knobs, power springs, battery boxes, etc.

* This does not mean that all Gotoh products come into North America through us. Gotoh does not have regional distribution. Most other Gotoh agents are Japanese companies.

** Please send a photo of your Gotoh product with a request for component parts. This will help us to track down the correct part. Also, Gotoh will not supply component parts for non-Gotoh products. Please be aware that not all parts are available for purchase.

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