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Suspension of Sales of Uo-Chikyu

We are a very small company and have been impacted by the pandemic in ways we could not predict. Until our issues have been sorted out, we have suspended sales of Uo-Chikyu products.

Thank you for understanding.

Uo-Chikyu by Hiroshima Files


Hiroshima Files* was founded in 1937 in its namesake city - a city known in Japan as the best source of high quality files. They started to make precision nut and fret file in 1983 after getting requests from major Japanese instrument manufacturers. Since then they have become the file of choice for many of the major builders around the world. Think of a guitar company and you're probably thinking of a company that uses their Uo-Chikyu brand files.

We supply all of their Uo-Chikyu brand precision fret and nut files.

* The actual company name in Japanese is Hiroshima Yasuri.

Nut Files

5001 Series nut files are very precise and come in a number of sizes. The slot that they cut is U-shaped. We sell any of the available sizes and we've also pre-assembled a few cost-saving and convenient sets that match popular string gauges.

Fret Files

The 5002 Series of fret crowning files are all double-sided, with both sides having the same radius. There are three sizes available. The most popular option is the cost-saving set of all three.

Fret File Set of 3
SKU: 5002-3000
  • All three fret files (1R/2R/3R)
  • Save money by buying all three
  • Perfect for all fret sizes
There are also diamond fret crowning files and a fret end dressing file available.

Precision Needle Files

Hiroshima Files' most popular line of Uo-Chikyu precision files are their Swiss-pattern needle file sets. These files have had applications in model building and jewellery manufacturing for many years. We've found that they also have a home in luthiers' studios. They're perfect for working on the fine details of shell, wood, plastic, and some metals.

Sets include 5, 8, 10, or 12 files and prices range from $38.00 to $79.00.

Featured Items
These are just a few of our most popular items. We have many more! Check out the catalogs or ask us for a copy of our price lists.
Acoustic Medium 13-56
Standard Series nut file set for acoustic guitars strings 13-56
Set of 3 Professional Series fret-crowning files
Set of 3 Professional Series double-edged nut files 0.016/0.042" 0.026/0.050" 0.036/0.055"
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