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Fret Files

5002 Series

The 5002 Series of fret crowning files are all double-sided, with both sides having the same radius. They come in three sizes: the 1R has a small radius for narrow frets, the 2R for medium frets, and the 3R has a large radius for jumbo frets.

1R Small-radius
SKU: 5002-01
  • Small-radius fret crowning file
  • Cutting width: 1.47mm (0.058")
  • Perfect for narrow frets
2R Medium-radius
SKU: 5002-02
  • Medium-radius fret crowning file
  • Cutting width: 2.68mm (0.105")
  • Perfect for medium frets
3R Large-radius
SKU: 5002-03
  • Large-radius fret crowning file
  • Cutting width: 3.88mm (0.153")
  • Perfect for jumbo frets
Fret File Set of 3
SKU: 5002-3000
  • All three fret files (1R/2R/3R)
  • Save money by buying all three
  • Perfect for all fret sizes

21 Fret End Dressing

Uo-Chikyu 21-0001 Fret End Dressing File
Uo-Chikyu 21-0001 Demonstration of use
Fret End Dressing File
SKU: 21-0001
  • High quality, durable and precise
  • Made in Japan
  • Smooth, rounded top
  • Smooth, flat bottom
  • Uo-Chikyu 21-0001 Detail - Smooth, rounded top
  • Uo-Chikyu 21-0001 Detail - Smooth, flat bottom
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