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Finish Options

Options in blue are glossy and reflective. Options in grey are Gotoh's unique x-finish, which increases durability and decreases reflectivity for a satin or antique look.

C C chrome
GG GG gold
B B black chrome
Black Chrome
CK CK cosmo black
Cosmo Black
XN XN x-finish nickel
XC XC x-finish chrome
XG XG x-finish gold
Button Options
Suitable for 6-in-line
S5Contour Mini (metal)
BS5Contour Mini (black)
HS5Contour Mini (faux-horn)
A07Modern Mini (aluminum)
P7Modern Mini (pearloid)
P8Modern Mini (tortoise)
B07Modern Mini (black)
M07Modern Mini (ivoroid)
EN07Modern Mini (ebony)
Only for L3+R3
L5Contour (metal)
BL5Contour (black)
HL5Contour (faux-horn)
ML5Contour (ivoroid)
P1Oblong (pearloid)
P2Oblong (tortoise)
A01Modern (aluminum)
A20Classic (aluminum)
EN01Acoustic (ebony)
P4BKeystone (black)
P4NKeystone (cream)
String Post Options
MGMagnum Lock
HAP-MHeight-adjust + locking
MG-TMagnum Lock - Trad
UKShort (SGi510-only)

Gotoh Guitar Tuners - SGS510

Gotoh's smaller sized 510 model is perfect for 6-in-line headstocks and parlor or 12-string acoustic guitars. Depending on your choice of button it can be available in L6, R6, L3+R3, L4+R2, or any other headstock configuration.
  • GOTOH SGS510 Schematic Diagram
    SGS510 ("mini") Schematic Diagram

    Please check the measurements in this guide against the dimensions of the headstock that you plan to install upon. Although Gotoh products are manufactured to replace some existing stock tuners we cannot make any guarantees. It is always best practice to measure carefully and to use the services of professionals.

Button Options
Note: metal buttons will match the body finish.
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Product Price USD
Gotoh SGS510Z-CS5-GG HAP-M
Gold H.A.P.-M Mini 18:1 SGS510Z Tuner Set + Contour (tortoise/small) Buttons
Set of six SGS510Z sealed-gear tuning machines in gold finish with contour (tortoise/small) CS5 buttons and height-adjustable locking string posts. Gear ratio: 18:1. Attaching screw tab orientation offset at a 45 degree angle.
Package includes nuts + washers + wood screws.
6 items in set
Headstock: L6 • L3+R3 • R6 • L4+R2 • L2+R4 • L5+R1 • L1
Body: SGS510Z
Finish: Gold
Button: CS5
Post: HAP-M
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