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Finish Options
BBlack Chrome
CKCosmo Black

Options in blue are glossy and reflective. Options in grey are Gotoh's unique x-finish, which increases durability and decreases reflectivity for a satin or antique look.

Button Options
05MOval (metal)
06MButterbean (metal)
SLKeystone (mint cream)
SLBKeystone (black)
B5Oval (black)
M5Oval (ivoroid)
P5WOval (pearloid)
P5ROval (tortoise)
M6Butterbean (ivoroid)

Gotoh Guitar Tuners - SX510

Gotoh's high-performance open gear tuners have been redesigned to work even better than the popular SE510 series they replace. Available in eight standard finishes with nine button styles. There are four base models, described below.
SXB510 Bushing (friction) Wood screw spacing fits Gotoh design
SXB510V Bushing (friction) Wood screw spacing fits competitor design
SXN510 Nut (screw-in) Wood screw spacing fits Gotoh design
SXN510V Nut (screw-in) Wood screw spacing fits competitor design
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Product Price USD
Gotoh SXN510-05M-CK
Cosmo Black 510 Series Nut Mount Open-Gear Tuner Set + Oval (metal) Buttons
Set of six 510 Series open-gear SXN510 tuning machines in cosmo black finish with oval (metal) buttons. String post material: brass. Nut mount edition. Wood screw positioning: Gotoh.
Package includes bushings or nuts with washers and wood screws.
6 items in set
Headstock: L3+R3
Body: SXN510
Finish: Cosmo Black
Button: 05M
Post: nut mount
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