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A History of Gotoh UPT Planetary Ukulele

Gotoh's planetary ukulele tuning pegs (UPT) have been enthusiastically embraced by ukulele builders and players worldwide. But how do such ideas come about? And how did it take so long? We can answer the first question easily. They're the brainchild of our own Yusuke Kawakami. But it wasn't an easy path...

Installing Gotoh AG Aged Gold Minis on a Taylor GS Mini

Our next project for the SGS510Z-S5-AG mini sized Aged Gold machine heads is installing them on a Taylor GS Mini. These little guitars are popular and from what we can tell it's for a reason! Taylor has packed a surprising amount of quality sound and playability into an inexpensive little package. However, we still felt a nice set of Gotohs could only make it better...

Installing Gotoh AG Aged Gold Minis on a Larrivee Parlor

Our selection of AG ("aged gold") finish options has increased to include SGS510Z-S5: mini size machine heads with small metal contour buttons. They're perfect for 12-string guitars and for parlor guitars, so we went across the bridge to the Larrivée factory to see if John Jr. had any nice parlors we could buy. He did and we did! We picked up a beautiful little P-03 and took it back to our little workshop to install our new Gotohs on it...

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SGS510Z-S5-B-MG 1:18 black with S5 buttons and Magnum Lock
Set of 3 Professional Series double-edged nut files 0.016/0.042" 0.026/0.050" 0.036/0.055"
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